Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Purpose of Life :)!

Does everything have a purpose in life? That is the question all of us wonder. If a tree falls in the forest, does it really make a sound if no one is around to hear it? Is the grass always greener on the other side? Many questions all of us ponder. 

My Grandma
When I was younger, my Grandma introduced me to an old adage that she learned when she was a child. At the time my Grandma was sixty years old when she said, “Any task that is worth doing, is
a task that is worth doing well.” Being eight years old I questioned my Grandma on the interpretation of this wise saying. This elderly lady explained that anything you do should be done in a way that serves some purpose.

As I grew older and wiser, I began to realize that Grandma’s adage was a very fundamental building block in my life. As a matter of fact, I did not arrive at this epiphany on my own. The wise elderly lady, was always available to discuss such elementary and lifelong ideas. Grandma, actually had been teaching this idea to me down to a science. Her number one rule was to do everything with love in mind. And to Grandma love was associated with God, because God loves all. According to it states that, “Your real life purpose is not to do “this” or “that,” but through every activity, whatever it may be, to find God.” When I researched, my epiphany became clear and my Grandmother's adage immediately instilled in me.

Beautiful forest full of life
Grandma always said "be prepared, be punctual, and be decisive." I have adhered to these principles in everything I do. I started dancing at age five and have been passionate about it my entire dance career. I have danced through pain, though tiredness, and when I did not want too. There were times when I did not dance well enough to make prestigious teams. There have been times where I concerned quitting. I reminded myself of my Grandma’s adage. I had to refocus and concentrate on my solo dances. I improved so well that I made it to the highest level of competition at Nationals. According to, “If bad things happen, don’t think that they just happen without a reason. There is a clear reason: without them, the dots in your life won’t connect as they should.” Having lived through that disappointment of not making the team dance, I worked harder allowing me to achieve National status in solo dance competition. In hindsight, not making the team dance allowed me more time to concentrate on my solo technique, finding my purpose at my studio by becoming a dance instructor, and adhering to making my dance life have a purpose. Due to my National status, I have now achieved the thrill of teaching younger boys and girls. Through teaching them I get an opportunity to show them that hard work, dedication, and believing in your purpose does pay off and opens numerous doors of opportunity. The ultimate outcome of not making that team has allowed me to enjoy the love of God's greatest creators, the young children I teach.

The combination of my hardwork and determination in sports, in friendship, in school, and in everyday life has completed the circle of my understanding of my purpose in life. I believe I have not only reached being able to find my purpose in life though my own experiences, but I have also learned a very valuable lesson though someone else's own misfortune. There was an older girl at dance who had encountered a spinal condition. Through her hard work, my Grandma’s adage, and the belief in God, she overcame and worked around her illness to achieve greatness. 

After our last competition, she mentioned my Grandma’s adage. It gave me a heartfelt moment then. She mentioned, “Thank you for asking me months ago what my purpose was. I sat down that evening and really thought about it.” She wanted it so bad that she made it her purpose in life to dance again. This gave me motivation to start something I had been passionated about but never had enough drive. After hearing her, I took a risk and tired out for the soccer team. Completing against girls who have been playing this sport their entire lives, me being one who has never played this sport competitively, I reluctantly made the team! It was through hard work, dedication, and the grace of God that kept my head up to keep trying and to make the team. It was not my injury, it was the other dancer’s injury that kept my dream alive to play soccer.

My friend the dancer, had to work though her genetic defect of her spinal problem. She had to work hard and endure pain to reach her goal of becoming a great dancer. Although I technically do not have a genetic defect, my physical structure is more suited to be a dancer then to compete on a soccer field. I did not let my small frame deter me from playing a sport that brought me pure joy. This is evident in the source “The full set of genes necessary to pull together a self-generating and self-maintaining self is called a “genome.” This quote fits the profile of my dance physique, versus the physique that is required to excel at soccer. I have persevered and made the soccer team. The purpose of making this team was a personal goal and that goal is happiness. 

My Grandmother's adage has been a blueprint of the way I live my life. I live my life for God, and God created this world for one to find pure happiness. Like the question I first asked you, “Does everything in life have a purpose?”
If you concur, you should hit the pause button on life and think of the times where the negative things ended up being good in hindsight. You should always live your life in happiness because time flies and you don't have time to worry about the small things you perceive as negative. This is easy to write, but you have to do the right thing. As Grandma said “Any task that is worth doing, is worth doing well.”

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